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Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C. Articles

Litigating Dealer Termination Cases in Puerto Rico

by Ricardo F. Casellas Sánchez and Carla S. Loubriel Carrión

Puerto Rico has two special laws that govern relationships between principals or suppliers and their dealers or sales representatives: the Dealer’s Contract Act of 1964, commonly known as Law 75,1 and the analogous Sales Representative Act of 1990, known as Law 21.2. These relationship laws are remedial statutes that provide for preliminary injunctive relief and compen- satory damages to qualified dealers . . .

Puerto Rico's Dealer and Franchise Statute Adapts to the Latest Developments in Law, Commerce, and Technology

by Manuel Pietrantoni, Esq. and Ricardo Casellas, Esq.

Puerto Rico's Dealer's Contract Law, commonly known as Law 75,1 protects dealers and franchisees against the termination, nonrenewal, or impairment of their agreements without just cause. The statute defines just cause to include a dealer's failure to perform "any of the essential obligations" of the agreement, as well as "any action or omission . . . 

Summary of the 2008 Term of the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit – Federal Appellate Practice Seminar

by Ricardo Casellas, Esq.

This summary includes a compendium of First Circuit cases published during calendar year 2008 on issues of appellate procedure. I also discuss certain Supreme Court decisions of the 2008 term that interpret the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. I note First Circuit cases that resolve issues of first impression or identify conflicts amongst the courts of appeals.. . . .

"When a substantive rule of Puerto Rico Law for the issuance of preliminary injunctions in dealer contract cases clashes with a federal procedural rule, is there a doubt as to which one should apply?"

by Ricardo Casellas, Esq. and Manuel Pietrantoni, Esq.

By way of introduction, we are writing about the interplay between Puerto Rico's dealer contract law (commonly known as "Law 75") and Rule 65(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.... . . . 

"Hon. Aida M. Delgado-Colón Chief Judge, District of Puerto Rico"

by Natalia Morales Echeverria

Hard worker, just, humanitarian, perfectionist and a role model – these are some of the words that describe the Honorable Aida Delgado-Colón, Chief Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico..... . . .

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