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Antitrust, Distribution and

Trade Regulation

Experienced Antitrust Litigation Attorneys in Puerto Rico

Our legal team at Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C. provides legal advice and representation in the area of antitrust and trade regulation. Our Puerto Rico commercial litigation attorneys can protect your interests as you pursue business ventures in Puerto Rico and elsewhere. It’s important to have an experienced legal team on your side to provide the counsel necessary to assist you in abiding by all applicable antitrust laws so as to avoid delays and difficulties and to keep your competitive advantage.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge

Antitrust laws are in place to promote robust competition in the free marketplace, protecting consumers from anticompetitive business practices and mergers. In an era of expanding domestic and global business relations, amplified by the use of widespread technologies that increase opportunities and render old limitations obsolete, these types of laws are implicated in a broad range of business activities. 


With new commercial opportunities come new non-compliance pitfalls. Business owners in a wide variety of different industries may face issues related to antitrust and trade regulations.

Our team of Puerto Rico business trial attorneys provide representation and counsel in antitrust cases including:


  • Counseling for business planning and structure 

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Antitrust litigation, including representation in private class actions and criminal/administrative investigations

  • Government investigations and civil enforcement actions

Contact Our Top-Ranked San Juan Attorneys

Arriving at your business goals is best achieved with the support and assistance of a trusted, experienced, and proven legal team. Advocacy and comprehensive counsel can provide a significant advantage and help prevent any compliance issues. At Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C., our track record and reputation speak for us. For more information about our firm or to speak with a commercial litigation lawyer in Puerto Rico, contact our law office at (787) 756-1400 or by completing our online form.

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