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Alternative Dispute Resolution

& Counseling

Top-Ranked Mediation Attorneys in Puerto Rico

Our attorneys at Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C. have been ranked for over the past five years consecutively in Chambers Latin America and Chambers Global as one of Puerto Rico’s leading dispute resolution law firms.

Committed Representation for Clients—Both In and Out of Court.


Each legal issue is unique and should be handled on its own merits. Not every case needs to be handled in court, following the traditional, well-trod path of litigation. In many situations, a less contentious system of resolution is appropriate and certainly preferable, and can save the individuals or businesses involved considerable time, money, and stress. 


At Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C., we are committed, first and foremost, to the best interests of our clients. When the right path for a client’s case is an aggressive litigation approach, that’s the path we take. Our team is prepared to serve as tough and effective trial lawyers on your behalf. But when our clients’ best interests point toward an alternative that avoids trial, saving money, time, and energy in the process, we are prepared to explore your options with you and counsel you as to the best course of action.

What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?


Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) describes an approach to solving legal disagreements outside of a trial setting. ADR techniques are designed to address legal disputes while avoiding traditional adjudicatory processes. This approach to resolving legal issues is often much more cost-effective, discreet, and timely than traditional litigation. 


Some ADR techniques include:


  • Negotiation

  • Facilitation

  • Fact finding

  • Mediation

  • Early neutral evaluation

  • Arbitration

  • Employment of an Ombudsman

  • Peer review

  • Settlement conferences 

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR is a popular and widely used approach. Companies and individuals have discovered the massive benefits of creative problem solving when it comes to dispute settlement. Alongside the aforementioned benefits of cost effectiveness and efficiency, ADR also carries the potential of a more positive outcome for all parties involved. 


With ADR, parties can resolve an issue quickly, early, and in a manner that is satisfactory to all sides. By choosing not to subject the final decision to the outside ruling of a third party—in most cases an administrative judge—the parties can draw up an agreement that best meets the needs of all involved. There is more potential for a “win-win” outcome.

Schedule a Consultation with Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C.


The Puerto Rico commercial litigation lawyers at Casellas Alcover & Burgos, P.S.C. have a winning track record and a reputation for effective counsel and smart dispute resolution. Get a consultation from our firm to discuss ADR methods and which course of action is the best approach to solving the legal issues you face. Contact our San Juan office today by dialing (787) 756-1400.

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